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CHAMPION ROPAJA’s Chateau Beaulieu HIC OFA (Good)


BOB  2005 – Judge Fourniere

Additional Photos:

9-12 mos Atlanta Match -Linda Bankhead
Finished Championship-Back-Back Majors Judges Dorothy Welsh & Arly Hussin
Beau - Herding
BOB Portrait by Esther Clair

Even though Beau finished first at 27 months; he had to take a back seat to littermate, BIS Ch Jolais, (finished at 30 months) who just wanted to hog the limelight after they both finished.  Despite very limited showing in the Specials ring, Beau still garnered 10 BOB over some highly awarded specials.

Beau is a very masculine, plush black and red male, with a gorgeous head, very fluid, balanced, and totally clean coming and going.  Beau has a high IQ, flawless character, very confident and of sound mind and body.  He is a wonderful specimen of the breed and he is one of those you proudly present to JQ public as what a good GSD looks like and acts like.   He took to Herding with gusto, what a joy to see him act so instinctively!  This is the type of dog that you love to have at home with you and out in public with you.

As soon as I can arrange my schedule, he and I will go back to school in the obedience ring…cannot let those great brain cells go to waste.


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