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 Breeder's Statement
Before you Make that Commitment

The decision to acquire a dog of any breed or age is not to be taken lightly. It requires a lifetime commitment to that dog which can be upwards of 12 years for a German Shepherd and longer for some of the smaller breeds.If you are not ready to treat a dog as a lifetime commitment, please do not bring one into your life. A dog bonds with its family and the loss of that person or persons is a serious situation for a dog. and should a situation arise where you are unable to keep your companion, please return him to the breeder you bought him from if they are ethical, caring breeders. Reputable breeders care about what happens to their dogs for their entire life not just until someone else leaves with it. And they are often able to help remedy a situation or assist the dog in its transition into a new home. A fence is required for any dog ours or rescue that leaves us. This is for the safety of the dog. I also require references, again for the safety of the dog. In return, we are always available for any assistance needed in helping your dog to be a healthy, happy, much-loved and valued member of your family. If you are uncertain of your ability to make a lifetime commitment to a canine partner for any number of justifiable reasons but also feel you can offer a good, temporary home, please consider becoming a foster home for a local rescue. The need is tremendous. The rewards are also.

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